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Cream-coloured Courser, Scilly, October 2004

1) Photo Pages

One page per species containing photos of varying quality. These are not necessarily showcase photos, but documentary - I try and put the better ones nearer the top of each page but if I have the photos available then my aim is to show the variation within the species not just a couple of textbook examples. I am starting with only species you might encounter in Europe and the text is biased towards my home location (Norfolk in England).

This section is not complete - I'm working on it whenever I get a chance - so far I've got to the first few gulls.


2) Trip Reports

Details, with photos, of my holidays. Typically there's an overview of the trip which will contain scenery photos and then a systematic list containing details and photos of the birds and animals I saw during the holiday.

African Pygmy Kingfisher, Malawi, September 2008

Goldcrest, Sheringham, November 2008


3) Diary

My personal diary of the birds and other wildlife I encounter from day to day.

4) The Blog

Blog posts will be ad hoc, as and when I have something to say or something to ask. That might be a bird that's left me scratching my head or that's aroused my curiosity in some way, or perhaps just something I learned or found interesting.

The blog has the functionality for you to leave comments, and I would value your contributions!

flava Wagtail, Sicily, May 2012


In future I have a number of plans for how I might develop this site further, but first I will try and get the Photo Pages completed.

Please do not use any of my photos without permission - click here for details of how to obtain my permission. Thank you.

Feedback is always welcome - please do get in touch.

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